Hello Lovelies,
I have gone to private schools all my life . That means always wearing a uniform! I’ve never been able to express my True Colors, when it comes to fashion. Don’t mean to toot my own horn but,At my school i am known as a Fashion Goddess(maybe not in those exact words,but I know that’s what they mean;)). Its taken years to master the art of getting around a strict schools uniform policy, But I have cracked the code! These are four ways that i dress up my drab uniform to make it chic and up to a fashionista’s standards.

1. SCARVES, SCARVES, SCARVES!( say that 3 times fast)
Scarves have always been my secret weapon. They Come in many cute colors and designs and cover up your turtleneck high God approved polo.
scarf 1

scarf 2

sweaters and cardigans add a flowy and business attire feel. They also look really cute with boots and a scarf. I love wearing cardigans cause they also cover my BOOTY! this is great especially if i’m wearing to tight of pants.cardigan

Its always nice to dress up with statement pieces like bigger earrings or even bracelets or rings. They bring in the small touches of glamour that will most likely the hardest to get caught for.

earring 2

earring 1rings

The mane is a must. This creates your whole outfit. The hair decides if you are going sporty with a ponytail or flowy goddess with beachy softy waves. I always go for a sock bun especially when I don’t have time in the morning to wash my hair or just want to keep it back. I also always have to go with the loose curls they create a pretty and elegant look that’s easy to dress-up or dress down , but always keeps the class.sock bun


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