5 tips for a great “Summer BOD”

summer bod1
summer bod 2“Now that its summer it is seriously time to get in shape”. I feel like this is everyones mantra a few months before summer or for me a week before summer( I am not the biggest fan of exercising ). During summer All these Fad diets and Pinterest “Killer body” workouts are birthed onto the web with pictures of girls with tan Bangin Bods and thighGaps that we all hope to look like after running a mile and doing a Kale and carrot juice cleanse. Sadly its not that easy. I’d much rather get up and answer the door for the pizza guy and immerse myself in EVERY episode of “OITNB”on Netflix and consider that a workout ( I mean wouldn’t everyone) or just pray REALLY HARD and wake up the next morning looking like I walked out of a Carl’s Jr AD. Anyway getting to my point, It can be hard to get in shape especially if you were not born looking like Beyonce (Damn her bootylicious curves and angelic voice!)but here are a 5 tools anyone can use to get that healthy Summer Body.
1.Drink a lot of water!!!
I drink at least 1.5 liter waterbottle a day. Especially in the summer it’s important to keep hydrated. If you want to add a little flavor you can infuse your water (I add lemon) Lemon can actually speed up your metabolism and also help clear up your skin since it flushes out toxins!
2. Cardio is key
By walking or running once a day it keeps your blood pumping and sheds off pounds!
3.EAT Healthy!
This is important making healthy choices is part of 80% of weight loss. I do things like have a salad at lunch and dinner. Also. I freeze grapes or any fruit, eat little packs of almonds or eat apples and dip them in peanut butter (Delicious:)).frozen grapes
4. if you are staying home most of your summer GET OUT!
Your house can be one of the most tempting places with all your delicious sugary treats! Most of the time when you are home you eat because you are bored not necessarily hungry. So when the bored bug bites you its time to drink some water and take a walk around the block.
5. One of the most important is create a food journal.
This may be hard to write down and admit that you ate a whole tub of cool whip (seriously I’ve done it), but that’s the point is to keep track of even your guiltiest pleasures you’ve indulged in. This keeps you from making those bad decisions again and count your calories. Most important is to have at least one cheat day where you indulge a little bit, especially on vacations.
These are a few tips that have helped me and my friends get into a Healthy summer shape.Remember you are all beautiful no matter what size you are.If you have any questions post in the comments below . Thank you my lovely’s xoxox